Business commission

Business Commission

Maarten Timmers (2023) Co-Chair
Dirk Tromp (2023) Co-Chair
Luc Biere (2023) Treasurer
Roksolana Okolit (2023) -
Lauraine Hendrickx (2023) -
Mauro Verboom (2023) -
Minh Anh Phan (2023) -
Pulkit Sharma (2023) -
Thom Van Essen (2023) -


Our mission as the “Business Commission” is to provide students with opportunities to learn about business concepts, skills, and careers. To foster a network of business-minded students, alumni, and professionals and to promote ethical, sustainable, and responsible business practices among students and the community. Furthermore, it is important to show students different companies in order to find out where their interest lies. It gives students also the possibility to network with several companies, which could be useful when applying for positions, or later in their careers.   


Our vision as the Business Commission is to be a leading students' organization that inspires and empowers future business leaders. To create a diverse and inclusive community of business enthusiasts who share their passion and knowledge with others and to make a positive impact on society through innovation and sustainable business solutions.

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