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Ready to join Fraternity ”Dominus”?

At the core of the Jongste Compagnie van Verre (JCV) lies "Dominus, " a fraternity characterised by the spirit of unity, tradition, and high society. Our mission is more than just fostering companionship; it's about creating an enduring legacy of brotherhood that exceeds generations within JCV.

Elevate Gatherings, Lasting Bonds

"Dominus" is well-known for its exclusive character, drawing together men who enjoy ambition and expression and work and play hard. Our fraternity is a place for those who seek more than the ordinary—for those who desire gatherings that resonate with style and leave a lasting watermark on the world.

We are the architects of moments that blend tradition's richness with excitement. Our accurately crafted events serve as the vessel for forging professional networks, lifelong mentorships, and friendships. These gatherings are the essence of the "Dominus" experience, reflecting our collective identity and the values we cherish.

Selective Unity, Collective Excellence

Annually, "Dominus" boards embark on a quest to welcome five individuals. This journey begins with three distinctive events, accurately designed as a ritual of passage for potential members. It is through this journey that the true essence of a "Dominus" member is revealed—a blend of ambition, resilience, and a character in harmony with our fraternity's ethos.

The chosen few are bestowed with the honour of arranging our quarterly events, setting the stage for another year of unforgettable experiences. We seek members and visionaries who embody the balance of achievements and joy to contribute to our brotherhood.

Beyond Events: A Legacy of Excellence

"Dominus" is not merely about events; it encourages the Nyenrode spirit in Amsterdam, bridging generations and weaving the fabric of a tightly-knit community. Here, every member plays a pivotal role, contributing to a timeless and dynamic legacy.

Are you ready to step into a realm where tradition meets ambition? Where does every handshake hold the promise of a new horizon? Explore the possibility of becoming a part of "Dominus" – where your journey is just the beginning.

Inquire and Connect

Your path to joining this illustrious fraternity begins with a simple step. Sign up through this webpage or contact us with your questions, ambitions, or even if you're merely intrigued by the fraternity "Dominus." We are here to guide you through the doors of an extraordinary community.

Jeroen Sieben – President

Phone number: +31 6 55377787 

E-mail: jeroensieben7@outlook.com 

Christopher Stenfert – Vice President

Phone number: +31 6 44325117


Jeroen Sieben (2022) President
Christopher Stenfert (2022) Vice-President
Duco Leune (2022) Lid
Bart Landstra (2022) Accountant
Cas Hoorneman (2022) lid
Dirk van der Plas (2023) lid
Julian van Zanted (2022) lid
Julius Korst (2022) lid
Robin Slijkerman (2022) lid

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